Inon ships monitor housing for Sony RM-LVR3

Left: Monitor Housing for LVR3 front. Center: Monitor Housing for LVR3 with packaged Shade Hood. Right: Monitor Housing for LVR3 back.

Inon has announced the release of their housing for the RM-LVR3 monitor that ships with the Sony FDR-X3000R/HDR-AS300R Action Cams. It is designed to attach to the Inon SD Mount Base for the camera. As the monitor uses wifi to connect to the camera, it is crucial that the two are mounted closely together.

The Inon Monitor Housing for LVR3 is shipping now. Please contact your local Inon dealer for prices.

Press release

Monitor Housing for LVR3

INON Inc. is pleased to announce official release of Monitor Housing for LVR3 on March 1st, 2017. The Monitor Housing for LVR3 is a dedicated underwater housing attached on INON SD Mount Base UWH1 (2) to use Sony Live-View Remote RM-LVR3 (1) which is bundled with Sony Action Cam FDR-X3000R (1)/ HDR-AS300R (1).

Monitor Housing for LVR3 + SD Mount Base UWH1 +MPK-UWH1/FDR-X3000R(HDR-AS300R)

(1) Contact Sony Marketing Inc. for detail of camera/Live-View Remote. INON Inc. confirms product compatibility based on a camera available in Japan.
(2) Live-View Remote is only usable when the housing is appropriately attached on SD Mount Base UWH1. Otherwise Wi-Fi connection between the remote/camera will be disconnected.
(3) On/stand by button is only accessible. Start/stop recording and change camera setting need to be controlled by camera side.

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### Compatible Product

Monitor Housing for LVR3 Features

Monitor Housing for LVR3 specifications

(4) Attaching the UCL-165M67 magnifies monitor image by approx.15% and UCL-330 magnifies by approx.8%. Using more powerful lens than the UCL-165M67 will have vignetting on image corners.


Installing Live-View Remote

Easy installation: Place Live-View Remote in the housing and close the lid.

Installing Monitor Housing on SD Mount Base UWH1
Fixed with packaged 2 x cap screws.

Set-up Example

Relative Information on INON Website

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